Haasil: Aanchal and Ranveer Raichand love while Kabir turned hurdle


The forthcoming episode of Sony TV’s new serial Haasil, viewers will get chance to see some interesting twist and turns.


As per ongoing track Ranveer has strong trust over Aanchal where Ranveer got shattered knowing that Aanchal is there only to spy over him.

Whereas Ranveer also caught Aancahl red handed for checking his laptop secretly and gathering information.

Kabir’s evil helping hand toward Aanchal

Ranveer thus gets angry with Aanchal where Aanchal seeks apology from Ranveer as per Kabir instruction.

But in reality Kabir confronted Aanchal that to gather proof against Ranveer she has to stay close to him.

While for this Aanchal have to bend down forth Ranveer to get apology.

What are Kabir real intentions?

Will story unfold some other drama in the show?

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show?

Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

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